Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Fujitsu AI Platforms and Solutions

Realizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to become fundamental to the operations of every industry sector-wide, it is a technology that offers great promise not just for business improvements but for human-centric innovation. AI utilizes relevant data to automate and amplify human capabilities, eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks, generate additional revenue streams and enable accurate unbiased decision making and faster time to market.

However, despite all the potential benefits, adoption rates are lagging. Our recent Fujitsu survey - Enterprise AI Opportunity, has revealed that many organizations have a poor understanding as to what AI can deliver, the effective return on investment and are unsure about what to deploy and where. There’s a general inability to identify the right data sets to derive benefits and a lack of in-house skills to build an AI infrastructure or foundation across its life cycle requirements, all of which is leaving organizations unsure as to how to proceed.

Fujitsu – harnessing the power of AI technology to deliver greater business value

Today, it is increasingly clear, especially at this time of pandemic crisis, that data generation is rising - making real-time information and response vital to business existence. At Fujitsu, we believe that the drive towards a data-driven transformation strategy with the successful implementation of AI and data science will become critical to business growth going forward. Working together we help you to develop an AI strategy to overcome the challenges you face in:

  • developing an integrated foundation to obtain all relevant data
  • understanding the right skill sets needed
  • executing AI in a phased manner without disrupting business
  • gaining visibility as to the ROI investment benefits

Fujitsu AI-enabled operations - changing the game and transforming society

Gymnastic world championships

Real-time, accurate scoring system boosting gymnastic world championships.

Enhanced helicopter safety

Enhanced helicopter safety with predictive maintenance and self-learning with 93% precision.

Accelerated genomic cancer diagnosis

Accelerated genomic cancer diagnosis reduced from 2 weeks to 1 day with automatic gene-rating database.

Our AI and advanced analytics experts enable you to lay the right AI technology foundations to meet both your immediate and future business needs, we provide:

  • flexible reference designs specific to organizational requirements
  • skills and capabilities to deliver self-learning algorithms and train a neural network
  • ecosystems across AI technology and solutions providers
  • AI solutions across edge-core-cloud

Understanding the AI value chain to deliver data-driven transformation solutions

At Fujitsu, we’ve been developing AI solutions for decades. Using our wide-ranging experience within the field of AI and data-driven business transformation, we apply what we know to advise our customers where they should be deploying AI and which platforms and solutions they should use.

As experts in implementing deep learning solutions, we create reference architectures that can be tuned to specific deployment scenarios. We provide end-to-end AI solutions and guidance based on their use cases.

Intel® | Nvidia® | NetApp®
Data driven reference designs

Our AI portfolio includes platforms and solutions for end-to-end AI-driven operations:

High-performance workstation for AI developers

High-performance workstation for AI developers CELSIUS R970

High compute systems for AI training and inference

High compute systems for AI training and inference PRIMERGY RX2540 PRIMERGY GX2570*

Note: *PRIMERGY GX2570 is currently not in GA for Europe and will be available end of the year

High-performance storage devices for IO intensive AI workloads

High-performance storage devices for IO intensive AI workloads NETAPP AFF A800 ETERNUS All flash

AI inference engines to solve latency concerns

AI inference engines to solve latency concerns PRIMERGY RX2530

Converged IoT appliances to optimize operations

Converged IoT appliances to optimize operations INTELLIEDGE™ G700
AI solver - design engineering ecosystem

Innovative human-centric AI solution: AI solver - design engineering ecosystem

  • a deep learning framework that learns the response of a system
  • data-driven learning technique from physics-based simulation

Use case: Flow Dynamic based on Fujitsu AI-Solver technique.

Leveraging an Intel python environment including MKL as well as TensorFlow, the AI solver works on the principle that a neural network can be trained to produce results that are close to those derived from direct numerical simulation. AI solver uses a data-driven technique that learns from physics-based simulations to instantly predict the principal field distribution within a 3D space. With training, results are accurate enough for data-driven methods to become viable in the design engineering ecosystem.

AI Spotlight Award Find out more
3D volumetric analysis

Non-destructive testing solution - 3D volumetric analysis

  • faster inspection and higher throughput
  • coverage of new designs through unsupervised learning
  • consistency and traceability

Use case: Quality control in composite manufacturing - accelerating sign-off for complex aviation parts.

Non-destructive testing is performed on all carbon composite aviation parts before shipment. AI models locate and characterize discrete and non-discrete defects from raw pulse-echo ultrasound data using the original 1D signal (A-scan) in a 3D context.

Through-transmission interpretation delivers a complete Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR) solution that links quality assurance to the production process.

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finding defects with 3D scanning

3D quality control solution - finding defects with 3D scanning

  • 100% defect-free manufacturing
  • 100% damage and fatigue found during maintenance
  • production cycle adaptation

Use case: Improving the non-destructive testing of large single carbon aircraft structures.

Single carbon composite aircraft parts manufactured today are very large (±30m x ± 10m) and made as one piece with highly complex structures – shape, attachments and cutouts. Ordinarily, quality control of these parts requires 24 hours of ultrasound scanning and 18 man-hours of analysis on 2D image projections. Supervised 2D CNNs are impossible to generalize as defects are rare. With Fujitsu’s unsupervised 3D deep learning methodology, 100% coverage is achieved with complete scalability and higher precision from training on the entire wing data.

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automating quality assurance

2D image analysis solution - automating quality assurance

  • 100% coverage for repair and recovery
  • faster automated quality checks to lower scanning costs
  • lower risk and zero wastage

Use case: Automating quality assurance for wind turbine blades.

Composite wind turbine blades fabrication is highly manual with common defects. All blades must be scanned with ultrasound to locate defects for repair which is a long and variable process. Working with a leading blade manufacturer, we have developed and deployed an industrialized AI solution using pre-trained deep learning algorithms for 2D image analysis that delivers direct efficiency gains and process improvements.

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Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Ensuring that AI and data science delivers the ROI is a key part of our process. Using Multi-Cloud Data Analytics powered by ManageNow® we enable you to drive greater value from your existing big data investments with a solution that is:

  • flexible, scalable and containerized
  • easy to implement
  • zero risk of vendor lock-in with open-source architecture
  • rapid ROI

Find out more about Multi-Cloud Analytics

Why choose Fujitsu as your expert AI partner?

As experts in AI deployment, we understand that the secret to any successful AI implementation is the creation of a foundation based on systems design. We’ve been involved in developing and deploying artificial intelligence and associated technologies for decades and take a use-case driven incremental approach to a data-driven transformation that’s agile, manageable and focused on results.

We work with you to define a clear transformation strategy centered around a business problem or opportunity in the value chain to develop an AI solution that will deliver value to your organization.




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